June 4, 2014

Do you believe in a Canadian peace?

Do you buy it?     Not a chance.   I'll get the usual flack from the Lewisistas but it's fairly clear that motivation behind that tweet owes more to bad press Hamilton has received in the last 10 days since Monaco than any new found d├ętente.    If his behavior after the race could most charitably be described as petulant,  his comparing himself (once again) to Senna was  just plain ridiculous and Lewis got a global hammering for it.

It will be interesting to see if Lewis can thrive in this high tension situation he's creating for himself.  Everyone is sure he will dominate in Montreal, it's "his" track, he's won there three times and more than any other driver currently racing.   But here's the kicker: if Rosberg manages to to beat him, it will be a big psychological blow and maybe the turning point of the season.

That said,  it will take something unusual to stop Hamilton.

As for everyone not in a Mercedes,   despite what they might say publicly, for many it's time evaluate if to let 2014 drop and concentrate efforts on 2015.  That really means Ferrari and Red Bull.  Mclaren is probably doing that already and other teams are probably just doing what they can to stay afloat.

It's rumored Ferrari will bring a significant engine power boost via software,  that the core of the problem with their engines is that they were too conservative and worried too much about reliability (which has been good so far).    We'll see.

As for Renault, the big concern is Red Bull  running out of components:  As of Monaco Vettel had used 3 Internal Combustion Engines out of the 5 allowed,  3 Turbos, 3 MGU-K, 3 MGU-H and 4 control electronics PSU.   There are 13 races to go so the math is not in favor of the German.

Hopefully tires will play a role mixing up the cards a bit and the race will not be a procession.

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