May 2, 2014

"I can feel wheels... in my... fingers"

As our friend Georg Onger said "proper driving and rally Finglish".  

We do wonder what the effect of watching Tommi Mäkinen effortlessly flog this Canadian spec 2015 Subaru WRX STI around Buttonwillow might be on some in Scoobyworld.

"You cannot do any mistakes with this car",  "it really is a car that asks you go faster, go faster"
Clearly a Canadian clip because US lawyers would have been all over that editing room, STAT!

On a tangent, imagine Tommi doing a Christopher Walken imitation...or vice versa?

1 comment:

  1. May I go out on a limb, as an Italian-born person and an Italian speaker, I think that it was never meant to be called "the" LaFerrari, or the Ferrari LaFerrari. I think it was meant to simply be LaFerrari, "la" meaning "the" in Italian. Kinda surprised I haven't seen anyone mention this yet. That being said, pretty spectacular machine in every way, whatever one decides to call it.


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