May 19, 2014

Check your studs, avoid code brown.

The scariest part for our friend Andrea Sapino was not losing the left front turning into one of the fastest turns at the Nürburgring, nor was it hitting the barrier at a buck and change.  The scariest part had to be watching  the whole field dodge him in a blind turn, head on.  

Code brown.

Unhappy Racer

VLN is much more like American club racing than people perhaps realize and Andrea, who has been managing his own car's build and maintenance,  admits that while he replaced almost everything else on it,  he did not know wheel studs need to be replaced ever season.

Hard lesson to learn but at least there were no injuries, except to the underwear, possibly.
The car can be rebuild...because race-car,  but have you replaced your studs recently?


  1. No GT3 has studs and the car in question doesn't even use lug bolts. It has center lock wheels. Not sure what failed here, but it definitely wasn't studs.

  2. it's a 997 MK1, that's why the studs

  3. It's a GT3 Cup. No studs. Even the 997.1 is center lock wheels.


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