May 19, 2014

Black Jack Brabham

The great Jack Brabham, three times F1 World Champion in 1958, 60 and 66, passed away aged 88.

A giant of the sport, Brabham was the only man to ever win a Formula One championship in a car he built himself.
Nicknamed "Black" Jack, as much for his rough character as for jet black hair,  was also first to win a Formula One championship in a rear engined car in '59 with a Cooper.

Brabham BT33 in Monaco Photo AC/Axis of Oversteer
Brabham retired from F1 in 1970, aged 44 and sold his team to a young upstart, one Bernard Ecclestone.

His cars live on in Historic racing where they continue to fight for wins in the hands of great drivers like Duncan Dayton.

Spend 20 minutes remembering the great Brabham with this Legends of F1 piece from SkyF1.  Well worth your time.

Cheers Jack!


  1. There are a ton of glaring grammatical errors (based away = passed away??? well 'with' your time??). Did you even bother to read what was written? Extremely poor / sloppy tribute to a great driver.

  2. Thanks for the post! Jack Brabham was one of the few who really deserve to considered a legend. I don't know how I had never seen that incredible video of Fangio and Brabham racing: I'm not afraid to admit that it brought tears to my eyes. WOW!

  3. I never saw that Video of el "Chueco" or how was called in the video, "Il Maestro" with Jack.

    Thanks for sharing... and yes in brought tear in my eyes too.


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