March 14, 2014

Security guard asks Hamilton for his pass...

It's you first day here, yeah?

The paddock security guard asks Lewis Hamilton, who was walking back to the pits after his Mercedes stopped on track, for his access pass.  "I'm a driver" says Lewis.  


On the other hand, maybe this might be a new ply for fans to gain paddock access!
(Courtesy of NBCSports)


  1. Huge security flaw :P

  2. I feel bad for the guy.

    I wouldn't put it past someone to dress up in a race suit and a helmet to try and get into the paddock.

  3. Lewis as a way! Now Roscoe on the other hand could be very dangerous. I bet Roscoe has been known to drop some little brown bombs in the paddock. Hopefully on Bernie's brand new shoes.


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