February 7, 2014

Mercedes AMG F1 wins the internet today

"ERS?  you mean KERS?"

"1.6?  my first car had bigger than that."

Brilliant, especially because 99/9% of F1 fans feel exactly the same way.

"Next you are going to tell me the last race is worth double the points..."  take that Bernie.


  1. Nicely done! …You mean it's shaped like a pole?

  2. Looks to me like Lewis is growing out his locks to look more like he did back in his GP2 days. The throwback cut for the upcoming throwback season. Hopefully the humor and sarcasm displayed in the above video will start to get some traction. Mercedes isn't the only team to think these changes are part of one bad colossal nightmare. All kidding aside, F1 has a real problem here. The cars look ridiculous, the engines sound like a queefing vacuum cleaner with a severe cold, and this year at Jerez the cars were lapping six seconds slower than last year! SIX SECONDS!!! What does the FIA stand for again? The Federation of Imbeciles and Assh***s? Come on guys. We can do better than this. We deserve better than this. Formula 1 deserves better than this! If things don't change, to get my real racing fix I'm gonna start watching monster truck racing!!!! Screw Seb in the Red Bull, or Kimi and Alonso in the Ferrari....bring on BIGFOOT!!!!

  3. Was laughing until I remembered that we now have these 1.6 liter engines in F1 because Mercedes led the call for change. Oh well


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