February 6, 2014

Kubica had a very special coach for Rally Sweden

Ex F1 driver Robert Kubica had a very special coach giving him tip on the proper way to use studs and snow banks this week in Sweden.
WRC legend Marcus Grönholm sat in the passenger seat of Kubica's Ford Fiesta WRC as they rocketed on tree lined toboggan runs of the sub arctic forests.
Reports are Grönholm was properly impressed with Bobby K's speed.


  1. Great driving! and great camera work as well. I admire a guy who can hold a video camera while standing off to the side of a road just a few feet away as a rally call whizzes by full throttle fish-tailing on icy dicey snowy terrain. Talk about balls!....or snow balls in this case.

  2. Autosport has an article whichs quotes Gronholm as saying "He is the most talented driver I have ever sat with."



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