December 29, 2013

Schumi in a coma

Despite earlier reports Michael Schumacher arrived at the hospital in Grenoble already in a coma and was operated on immediately.   His condition is critical and he is fighting for his life.

You'll be able to read all about all the details elsewhere,  out of respect, we'll stop until the situation is clear.

We send all our best thoughts to Michael and his family.

Below is the official hospital communiqué.  the next update is not expected until Monday at 11 am.


  1. Yeah those ski helmets help, but they are probably a little "thin" compared to Schumi's Schuberth. COME ON SHUMI....FIGHT BROTHER!!!! LIKE IN THE FERRARI FULL THROTTLE THROUGH THE FRONT STRAIGHT AT MONZA!!!! KEEP THE POWER DOWN!!!!!!

  2. I had a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage and was incredibly fortunate not to suffer any major disabilities. I pray that the broken blood vessel didn't feed any critical areas of Michael's brain. About half the people never even make it to the hospital, so he already survived the biggest hurdle.

  3. what worries me most are his existing injuries which if you recall were to his C7 with bone fragments...

  4. Didn't think about that, but the bone fragments would not have caused the bleed. What could be possible is a vessel was damaged or weakened by this previous skull injury. That's why I had my SAH. I had massive mid- line brain shift from a drunk driver back in '83 that weakened a vessel that didn't break for over 20 years.

  5. I don't tweet, so can you give this guy some shit?

  6. not worth feeding that troll


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