December 29, 2013

Little Art and the 33 Stradale

Photo: Alessandro Zen/Flickr

A quick glimpse at one of Alfa Romeo's most beautiful creations, the 33 Stradale and the driver who actually pulled Niki Lauda out of the fire in 1976 despite what "Rush" or "1" said.  

A Rodney Dangerfield of racing from birth when the registry office spelled his name wrong as "Arturio",  Arturo Merzario raced pretty much everything from F1 on down in his career.

He's still at it at 70 winning a Lotus Cup race at Imola last year in a One Eleven!

We take our hat off to you Art!

1 comment:

  1. A bit more serious than just a small bump:

    Hope he pull through without much damage.


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