November 22, 2013

Spaghetti Dakar

Sergio Leone would be proud.

F1 season may be coming to a close this week end in Brazil but, with the new year comes the Dakar.

The route for 2014 will take the raiders through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile for an epic 5000 km race which for the first time will see two separate tracks, one for bikes and quads and another for cars and trucks.  This was done partly for safety and partly to create routes more suited to each group.

The 2014 Dakar starts on the 5th of January, 2014.
(h/t Gully!)


  1. Mark and Cyril two aliens..

    What I don't know why they nick named Chaleco as "Che" ...

  2. Fantastic video, fantastic promo. I know the event is "Dakar" in name only now, but I'm so glad it's flourishing in South America. The landscapes are as spectacular, if not more so, than those they once encountered in Africa. Well done to the governing body for the common sense approach to safety too.


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