November 23, 2013

More vortices...

In case you doubted you are witnessing the sculpting of air, check out the curlicue vortex created off the RB9's front wing as it twists around the sides of the car.

Interesting how it appears to "turn on" and off like a switch. as soon as Webber reaches a certain speed or hits the brakes. That may be to do with the conditions needed to make the vapor visible, perhaps aero guys out there can shed some light.


  1. I think the vortice disappears immediately as webber hits the brakes, maybe the pitch of the car under brakes changes the airflow over the wing as well as (obviously) the reduction of speed reducing the compression of the air.

  2. For a gas to condense into a liquid it must surpass it's saturation threshold, which is achieved through a combination of temperature and pressure. Temperature is probably static in this scenario so..

  3. I love how freaking stable that was! Usually you'd expect to see it swirl and be turbulent, but it was so damned tight. I thought at first something had curled up and stuck to the camera lens.

    I'm excited to see what this next season brings us.

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