November 16, 2013

Maldonado has accused Williams of sabotage.

Unhappy with the team and out the door next season with at least part of his Venezuelan government oil company sponsorship, Pastor Maldonado today got his ass handed to him by young teammate Valteri Bottas in qualifying

Asked about his poor performance, the Venezuelan has accused  Williams  of sabotaging his car.

"There is someone who's had fun playing with my tire pressures" Maldonado told Italy's RAI TV.

Now, it's a well known practice for every race driver to first blame the car for his or her's own failings but, as my good friend Andres said: Williams is hovering in 9th spot in the championship with just a single point scored this season, why would they bother to sabotage anything and jeopardize any chance of scoring?

What next, Maldonado blame a US government conspiracy agains Venezuela?

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