November 13, 2013

Ferrari paid Hulkenberg's salary to prevent him racing with Lotus

Hulkenberg got a call from his bank...
This is the revelation, or perhaps, the allegation made by Italy's BlogF1 about the reason why Nico Hulkenberg will not race for Lotus in Austin and Interlagos.

The article goes on to  describe how, up to very recently, Hulkenberg had not been paid by Sauber  invalidating his contract with the Swiss team, a situation which allowed him to not only talk with Lotus but got to Enstone for a session in that team's simulator.

Right in the middle of that simulator session, BlogF1 continues, his bank account balance was replenished.  Where did Sauber find the money?   Ferrari supposedly came to an arrangement with Monisha Kaltenborn's team.

Why would Maranello do that?  Of all drivers available to fill Kimi's vacant seat at Lotus, Hulkenberg is without a doubt the strongest and Ferrari is in a fight with Mercedes and Lotus for the second spot in the constructor championship and the additional revenues it would bring.

True, not true, certainly a strategic move if it was.  There is much strategy in F1.


  1. Ah money, I mean strategy...

  2. Think about it though, If Ferrari did have a "pre-contract" with Hulk then it makes perfect sense for them to park him at Sauber and keep him "in house" for future consideration.

  3. Sure, while preventing him from "helping" broke Lotus to 2nd. Then get him to replace Kimi, which may be leaving F1 next year (got a feeling...)

  4. Say what? Kimi is contracted to Ferrari...

  5. you mean after next year? I guess you never know with Kimi

  6. As an F1 fan I was really hoping to see the Hulk in the Lotus.

    Thanks Ferrari!!

    I am not watching for the rest of the season now because I want to throw a temper tantrum and punish F1.

  7. If the 2014 campaign goes anything like this year, he'll be leaving again IMO

  8. NOT true. As far as i know the Sauber-Hulk contract was cancelled a few month ago, so there is no contract to be or not to be paid. Just the usual suspicion that ferrari is like super political.

  9. Well, for sure he does not have a Lotus contract... and he probably will not get a Force India ride either now that Perez is available


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