November 18, 2013

Axis wins in Austin!

@axisCG and Stefano Domenicali

Big props to out own CG for winning Ferrari Challenge race 2,  also know as "the good one" because it's on Sunday, at Circuit of the Americas.

After starting from  P5,  Carlos escaped a first lap pile up which caused a long full course yellow and made a mess of the track.

When the race resumed,  the Orange and Chrome Axis 458 was in third and still experiencing some of the handling issues which troubled it all week end.  In the final laps, second place runner Harry Cheung made a lunge at race leader Damon Ockey spinning him.   The incident was caught,  sort of, with full emotion by Mrs CG...

Cheung went on to cross the finish line first with CG behind but was given a penalty for causing the spin and the #26 awarded victory.

After having all the speed but none of the luck earlier this year in Montreal, Carlos happily takes the luck and the win!   Brilliant.

Again, if you were at the race and took pictures of the car, send them to us for a chance at some Axis swag!

PS, there is no in car video because Mr B will fine you $250K if you are caught running a camera on track during GP week end!

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