November 12, 2013

Return of the Axis of Oversteer Photo Contest: Austin Edition

Our own CG will be racing Ferrari Challenge in Austin on this coming Formula One week end and while, sadly, no others from Team Axis can make it to Texas, we know we can trust in many of you who will be there  to come up with glorious shots of the Axis 458 in action.

It's easy to spot, it's the one with the orange and chrome livery that says Axis all over it!

Send us your best shots and we'll pick the winners on our Facebook page.   

The prize you say?  Aside from the glory, a full complement of Axis stickers in two tone, solid white and chrome to the winner.  And prizes for runners up too of course.

I need not add, Axis stickers by their presence alone will cut lap times by a minimum of 7/10th of a second and/or add 12.6HP*.

Send your pictures to:  ac (at)  Happy Hunting

*your results will vary depending on your imagination and our power of suggestion


  1. Sounds like fun, personally i will do my best...!

  2. Got a bunch of pictures from the T15 grandstand. Seems like CG had a decent race after limited running yesterday.


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