October 9, 2013

Who's driving that Nismo GT-R at the ring?

If you follow (as you should) Bridge to Gantry.com or read Jalopnik, you will know Nissan have taken over the Nürburgring Nordschleife to run a  NISMO GT-R.

The point, clearly, is to set a new record and we are told the time they are shooting for is under 7:10.  That would be faster than a Gumpert Apollo and a Viper ACR and would make the NISMO GT-R the fastest non hyper car ever (if that makes sense.)

Getting a time like that is not for anyone and Nissan have secured an ex Formula One driver for the job: Sebastien Buemi.

You know just having a driver named Sebastian is worth a few seconds so look for a record to fall.


  1. So would it be a conflict of interest for them to bring in Sebastian Vettel in to take it for a few hard runs?

    He is Infinity's "director of performance," so borrowing him for Nissan's performance car wouldn't be a bad idea right? Just one more record for him to hold at least for a short time...

  2. More video of it being driven in anger!




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