October 8, 2013

Samurai Spirit


  1. http://i.imgur.com/v06N8.gif

  2. Did anyone see Fernando's twitter pic from October 5? The picture shows Webber perusing the Ferrari in parc ferme. Alonso's caption basically tells Webber that next time he needs a ride back to the pits....he should keep on walkin'. Its good to see Fernando sticking up for himself. Has anyone seen that YouTube video where Alonso cracks that walnut with his cheek? I bet the next time Webber asks him for a ride, Alonso does that to crack Webber's left nut. Ouch! And Lewis, come one man. Quite your bitchin'. I guess over the years Nicole really softened him up. Be strong brother. Don't get mad....race quicker and get a better result.

  3. The "samurai spirit" is something Fernando really admire and try to follow. He declare this in the interview he did have with the FOXSPORTLA F1 show.

    This has nothing to do with Ferrari itself.

    the interview is in spanish... this was done in June when the Ferrari seems to have a fighting chance. Canada GP.



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