October 17, 2013

Who stole Nico Rosberg's Helmet?

Who's this person sneaking in the Mercedes AMG F1 pit box at 1:51 AM the saturday before the German GP?

Not sure why, just now but today Nico Rosberg had this to say on his web page:
Hi everyone,
my race helmet got stolen out of the security guarded team´s garage at Nürburgring GP on sunday at 1.51 a.m. Check the FIA picture of the thief. Let us know if any of you see one on ebay or somewhere else. I have never given out an original race helmet. so if you see one then let us know. Thanks.
The Schuberth helmet was registered with the Number R-NR 074/02-13. The SNELL-Label is ST 270141. FIA label gold: AH04248. FIA Label white: Nr. 134

OK,  check Ebay but I would say, unless it's some sort of misguided social media, viral something or other,  someone walking out of pard ferme with a bright yellow helmet is another pie in the face of FOM's  and FIA security after the Greepeace stunts at Spa,


  1. Curious- anyone know what Mercedes GP team was doing at the 'Ring this weekend? I thought testing was banned (or didn't they learn their lesson earlier this season about that?)

  2. check the time stamp... 7/7/13

  3. Guess Nico doesn't get a shiny new lid every week like some drivers we know

  4. Because surely Nico couldn't have another helmet made... Probably for free...

  5. Clearly the FIA needs to ban that thief. He's just too damn fast.

    I'm also amazed at the shit quality of the security camera. In a sport where illegally modifying your car in pard ferme would likely be worth millions of dollars worth of legit research. I bet the crew could walk in there and make all the changes they wanted and the FIA couldn't positively ID any of them.

  6. To be fair this man is clearly missing the top half of his head and will probably put that helmet to good use.
    On a more serious note is this really the quality of camera FIA/FOM use to make sure the car is not tampered with? They can have some old Nokia's i have lying around if they are really struggling that bad for camera equipment.

  7. In the still, it kinda looks like Chris Harris ...

  8. Wait, you mean the German GP is THIS WEEKEND? Oh man I better go set the DVR /lol

  9. Hey, That's Shumi.......


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