October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "Oversteer will come just before impact"

One of the best segments ever on Drive with Chris Harris playing straight man to David Coulthard hilariously dry humor.


  1. That quote will be in the back of my mind, ready to pop any time I can

  2. DC, he was never world champion, but I do consider him one of the greats. The reason? the guy had, bar none, the best taste in women of any F1 driver over the course of his career. He knew the privileges that were afforded F1 Grand Prix drivers and he took full advantage of those privileges. So to DC I too would say, "Well driven by the way." I remember being at Montreal in '94, DC's second GP, and thinking to myself, this guy is only a few years older than me and he makes his living flying around the world racing the greatest racing machines. I remember thinking...where did my life go wrong? He really has turned out to be one of the great personalities of the paddock. Much continued success to the Scotsman!

  3. What is the siren sort of thing that goes off in pit lane?

    Coulthard is hilarious.


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