October 27, 2013

Vettel ran donuts around the competition this year

Let's celebrate Seb today.

Say what you will but don't forget this is not some guy who came from privilege and had it all easy, He was a clear talent from his first test with BMW aged 18 and got where he is, at just 26, being his own manager.

Yes, he is in the best team but that's no accident.  Formula One is all about domination and this year Red Bull out designed,  out strategized out spent and outmaneuvered all other teams.

Nobody likes domination but domination does not mean it's not hard work.

So cheers Sebastian, Red Bull and Renault.  Well done!


  1. Completely agree. Cheers to Vettel

  2. Doing some celebratory donuts: €25k fine. Gaining some fan respect by celebrating like a man: Priceless.

  3. Congrats to Seb. Fully deserved and already a legend.

  4. Doing those donuts was so SMART ... made him a person, not just a machine!

  5. Loved the donuts! Those pirellis sure smoke nicely!

  6. Red bull, lets you cheat.

    Fuck Vettel!

    Boring F1


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