October 25, 2013

The name is Galli, Gigi Galli

Gigi Galli is one of those guys who despite a phenomenal natural talent behind the wheel, for a number of reasons never quite made it to the very top of his sport.  Not that this matters one bit to his fans who worshiped him and his brash, all out style.

It was a treat to find this clip of Galli back behind the wheel and tearing up the special stages of last week's San Marino Rally Legends event.  
At the start of the clip he tells his co-driver, he's pumped but rusty..... OK...   My favorite part is the section which starts (about 3:25) with the infamous jump and continues through a long right hand sweeper which Galli of course attacks with  the proper  axis of oversteer!

It's a bit like a Ken Block Gymkana minus the fancy Hollywood edits.

RallyLegends is a wild event with amazing cars from different eras gratuitously hooning between wings of semi suicidal "Group B" style fans.


  1. Also, 4.15 - 4.20 -> Gigi style: Backing it in, sideways long before the turn.

  2. This guy is amazing.

  3. you gotta see this, min.1:30

  4. Yup, that's his trade mark. That bit made me find out who he was some years ago so I could follow his antics. Too bad he never got a good chance in WRC.


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