September 6, 2013

See Formula 1 tires at work.

Kudos to FOM for bringing interesting innovations to their broadcasts.  We've seen pictures of teams with thermal cameras mounted on their cars in the past but this is the first time we see what they are looking at.  
Pirelli's Paul Hembery explains tire manufacturers use them regularly for product development and you can see how useful they can be to a team, giving real time feedback of the effects of suspension and alignment settings.

The views are from Paul Di Resta's Force India above and Pastor Maldonado's Williams below.


  1. I hate commentators. They ruin any good video, forever.

  2. Wow, damn I saw P1 but I think I miss that camera!
    That is Awesome!

  3. wow, what i learned from this: how much heat is transfered very quick to the surface of the tyre by braking. and it is (i suppose because of the camber) transfered to the inside of the tyre. now i understand this whole "perfect storm" thing a bit better. and cornering really starts with braking :)

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