September 25, 2013

Hypercar Battles: LaFerrari enters the 'Ring

The guys over at RSR Nürburg were kind enough to go shoot the Ferrari LaFerrari (I'm sorry, I still gag every time...) ripping around the Nordschleife at the moment.

The sound is good but the speed, is it good enough?  We'll find out eventually, but only if the boys from Maranello break Porsche's recent record.

The standings so far

Porsche 918: 6:57
Mclaren P1: 7:04 (unofficial)
Ferrari laFerrari:  ??


  1. Which they they possibly will, but with a press car, as well known by ferrari.
    Either way great job on the blog.
    We have a Fiat lover friend in common here in FL.

  2. Even if the La Ferrari places third in time around The Ring, this new La Ferrari is the number one car in the world to own. Ferrari has once again created a magnificent machine! Maranello can be proud that Enzo would be proud. I wonder if part of Kimi's new Ferrari deal he gets a La Ferrari? I bet so.

  3. Not what I was expecting, sound-wise. I guess I'm too use to F1 and the FXX.

  4. LaFcar doesn't seem to be going 10/10, or even close. In the P1 video its gong much faster.

  5. Why would it be the #1 car in the world to own? Just because it's a Ferrari? No! That kind of attitude is just jaded and people who are actually into cars know it.

  6. Well, I don't know of any other v12+kers 980hp cars at the moment

  7. Huh? At what point does any hypercar become practical? I'd love to hear, in the realm of practicality, how any of these cars differ.

  8. I understand frustration with the name but it doesn't really bother me. More interested in seeing one in the flesh to gain a better grasp on the manner in which the airflow is directed through the bodywork to generate downforce.


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