August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursdays: "1"

Senna was brilliant, Rush will hopefully live up to the hype, soon a new documentary about Formula One's transformation years will be released online.

"1" directed by  Paul Crowder, focuses on the period between the late 70s and early 80s when Formula One changed from sport circus to commercial circus and it realized a key factor crucial for good F1 business was stopping its stars from getting killed every season.

F1's reluctant march towards safety history has been covered many times before but, as with "Senna", this film looks like it might be a more artful telling of what was a crucial process for the sport.

Narrated by Michael Fassbender and featuring most of the top mames in the sport, "1" will be available for download on iTunes October 1 2013
(h/t WTF1)


  1. I was at the official premier during the Austin GP weekend when it was called “1: the Unvarnished story”. At that point it did not yet have Fassbenders voice added but was still an excellent movie. It is very different than Senna since it is a traditional “talking heads” style documentary but it was fascinating to see the various perspectives on safety especially Jackie Ickx and the modern guys (Schumi, Hamilton). I highly recommend it

  2. I love that I had to do with two of your most recent posts. Hah I shot some for this film as well as the Dan Marvin clip :)

  3. Paul Crowder was the associate producer and editor on Riding Giants and was also editor on Dogtown and Z-Boys.

    Stacy Peralta was the director on both.

  4. Finally!!! I saw a preview for this wile at work the other day, but haven't been able to find anything about this since.


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