August 27, 2013

The new Porsche GT3 is "Puristic"

Porsche faces the expected criticism for choosing to go two pedal only with the 991 GT3.

Some find amusement in a sports car by operating levers and pedals and thankfully there are plenty of cars produced over the last 100 years or so that can afford them various levels of mechanical and ergonomic complexity.

There is another faction of enthusiast who are not sentimental that way and who are interested most in how to best be as one with a car in the most efficient possible way. Anyone who has driven a Scuderia will not say "meh, it's an automatic"  and Ferrari was never sentimental as a car company.   Porsche on the other hand has more baggage that way and a particularly luddite owner base, some of which are still holding a grudge over water cooling.

In this video, Andreas Preuninger,  project leader for the car, makes the case emotion and connection go beyond interface details.  

video after the break

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  1. How can a connection go beyond interface?
    By it's very definiton the interface is going to be important


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