August 6, 2013

Mark Webber has nothing good to say about Sebastian Vettel

No secret there has been no love lost between the two Red Bull drivers starting from the infamous crash in Turkey in 2010 through to the Multi 21 issue in Malaysia this year.

Appearing on the season finale of Top Gear, Mark Webber had nothing much good to say about Sebastien Vettel or about F1 in general for that matter. Perhaps there is a twinge of regret but Webber remains one of the few stand up guys in F1 and he will be missed in a supposed top series increasingly filled with mediocre drivers with full wallets and empty personalities.

"Will you miss your teammate" asks Jeremy Clarkson.  Webber's response shows he's got some comic timing abilities too....

This clip (until it's pulled by BBC) also contains Webber's lap in the famed F1 edition "reasonably priced car". Lewis Hamilton has the fastest time in the mighty Suzuki Liana with Seb right behind. How did Webber do? have a look.


  1. F1 is for hypocrites, and that's including drivers. People who stay out of trouble or own up to their mistakes or don't lash out at opponents when they occur are seen as week and placed aside as a safe second option until they quit, or get bullied out of F1. On the other hand, lying "I just lost my rear a bit" like for a whole season while being backed by an Oil Company is condoned. It's always been like that since I can remember.

    That doesn't mean I don't like the show, the games, or the remaining drivers. Learn the rules, play with them or get off.

    Mark is a great driver and a nice guy. F1 is no place for nice guys.

    Maybe one day...

  2. @aussiegrit will be missed for all the reasons you mention. I'll be pulling for him next year at Porsche!

  3. The Australian said he had received "probably four or five" messages from the team asking him not to attack Vettel, but declined to follow them.

    Asked how he felt about the team orders, Webber replied: "I am not fine with it, no. That is the answer to that.

    "If Fernando [Alonso] retires on the last lap, we are fighting for the win.

    "Of course I ignored the team because I wanted to try and get a place. Seb was doing his best, I was doing my best. I wasn't going to crash with anyone.

    "I try to do my best with the amount of one way conversation I was having - I was trying to do my best to pass the guy in front."

    -- July 10th, 2011

    I guess Multi 21 only applies when it suits Mark?

    Mark is doing a great job campaigning against his team mate. Cannot beat him on the track? Ruin his name in the press.

    Why RBR kept him after the 2012 season and his stunts at Interlagos is beyond me.

    It was widely thought Mark was going to mop up the track with Seb during Sebs freshman season at RBR. Mark never anticipated that Seb would fly by him at the start of the season and never look back.

    Well at least he beat Seb in the reasonably priced car, there is his bittersweet victory.


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