July 11, 2013

So, How Do You Get A Formula 1 Test?

Well, judging from the upcoming Formula One "Young Drivers" test at  Silverstone later this month there are three routes

1.  Bring lots of cash:   Japanese driver Kimiya Sato is reported by Autosprint to have paid Sauber  around $322,000 to share duties with regular test driver Robin Frijns.  A hundred grand and change a day probably barely covers expenses for Sauber who, faced with serious financial issues will be more than happy to cash the check.

2. Have a racing driver dad.   Three of the drivers in the test are sons of well known racers: Carlos Sainz Jr. will drive the RedBull RB9, Johnny Ceccotto Jr the Toro Rosso and Kevin, son of Jan Magnussen will be at Mclaren.    Condition 1.  might also apply.

3. Be married to a team boss.   Susie Wolff, nee Stoddard is the wife of Toto Wolff, presently a team boss at Mercedes F1.  She will test at Williams.  We're sure that her being Toto's wife or Williams move to Mercedes power in 2014 had absolutely nothing to do with this.
From the top: Sato, Sainz, Ceccotto
and Magnussen
Others taking part in the test are  Davide Rigon for Ferrari,  Davide Valsecchi for Lotus, Gary Paffet for Mclaren.    Force India will run James Calado,  Caterham Sergio Canamasas and Alexander Rossi.

To keep an eye on, Red Bull will have the always exciting Felix Da Costa.

Susie Wolff

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  1. That's why Mercedes is mad about being excluded, all the lost revenue from pay young drivers


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