July 12, 2013

Downforce, You're Doing It Wrong.

I'm no Adrian Newey but I would say that front splitter design needs some more work.

Take one GT3 Lamborghini, add speed a huge rear wing and the rise at the Slovakia Ring...
(via Grasser-Racing)

(H/T GeTeDrei !)


  1. That was one heck of a wheelie! Nice recovery after he could see the track again.

  2. Anyone else amazed he still had steering and braking after..landing?

  3. Nice aborted take-off. Makes me recall webber @ le mans

    Last year they added a chicane because everyone was getting too much air time and suspensions wouldn't last. Could have made a bitchin race to watch tho.

  4. That's why the Lambos used the Uphill chicane at Lime Rock last weekend.

  5. A better landing than the Asiana pilots...


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