June 10, 2013

Sebastien Loeb Fastest in Pikes Peak Practice

The Peugeot 208 T16 is a monster right out of the box!

Photos: Red Bull

This past week end saw the first practice session for the Pikes Peak hill climb and, much to nobody's surprise, Sebastien Loeb set the fastest times in both upper and lower sections.     Practice at Pikes Peak is not run over the full course, climbing up to 14,111 feet above sea level, but on two separate sections, shorter than the complete run.

Loeb spent time going over the 156 turns with his regular WRC co-driver Daniel Elena but will be alone for the race.   He then proceeded to set times miles ahead of those set in the same session
by current unlimited class record holder Rhys Millen, driving a Hyundai Genesis badged car.

“I feel very confident with the car,” confirmed Sebastien Loeb. “That’s a reassuring start, if only because of the speeds we get up to here. We are already getting close to the limit in many places. All we need to do now is make some detail changes and we will be ready
for the Big Day!”

Unlimited Class Top Times
Lower section
3:29.24 Loeb
3:55.03 Millen

Top Section
3:42.10 Loeb
4:26.98 Millen
208 T18 was covered with GoPros....lucky us!

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