June 12, 2013

Alfa Romeo 4C: 895 Kilos Of Italian Carbon Fiber Goodness

Alfa Romeo releases more details of the 4C, the car that will bring the historic marque back to the American market.

895 Kilos, just 1973 pounds,  the Alfa Romeo 4C is probably the one car we are most interested in driving.    It will weigh as much as an Lotus Elise but with a proper interior and a better power to weight ratio.

The cars are being produced at the Maserati factory in Modena,  human hands rather than robots assembling the lightweight Sheet Moulding Compound body panels around its PrePreg carbon fiber tub weighing only 65 kg (143lb).   The carbon chassis is produced with techniques derived from Formula 1 and it's the first time anything like it has been available in a car in the 4C projected price range.

The quest to "add lightness"  extends to the glass,  just 4mm thick for the windshield, the use of PUR-RIM injected polyurethane for bumpers and quarter panels and aluminum, made with a process called Cobapress which gives  advantages of both casting and forging.

Alfa Romeo expects to produce 3500 4C per year,  deliveries in Europe will begin in September while November will see the US introduction at the LA Auto show.

It's a bold move for Alfa Romeo, a very exciting car we hope to drive one one day.


  1. I am very skeptical of A-R's ability to reenter the US market. I live in Europe and have driven a number of their recent cars -- attractive styling aside, they are rebadged Fiats. Obviously the 4C is a different creature, but Alfa lost its mojo somewhere around the demise of the 164. Their sales reflect that, heading down to the 100k level yearly, which is the point at which I think you either have to throw in the towel, like Saab, or nut it up and go big, like Audi.

  2. Well Alfa should never have given up on its RWD legacy, but the 4c looks to be a damn good try at getting its mojo back. sure people are going to complain "no manual" "weird headlights" but I'm not seeing any other manufacturer step up with a sub 2000 lbs carbon tubbed car for less than the cost of a Boxster...

  3. Those look like stock E36 brakes on the rear. Kinda weak for a rear/mid engined car no? nice to see 2-pot calipers in the front though.

  4. car is under 2000 lbs.... what do you need brakes for anyway, they only slow you down


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