June 1, 2013

Peak Mini

Sebastien Loeb will not be the only Frenchman tackling Pike Peak's 12.42 miles of switchbacks at the end of June. His Peugeot 208T16 will  be challenged by a 912hp Mini based rocket driven by Andros Trophy ice racer Jean-Philippe Dayraut.

Dayrout has previously raced in the American classic in a Dacia based car in 2012 and 2011.  

The Race to the Clouds has developed quite a cult following in Europe: in 2013 Loeb and Dayrout will be joined in attacking the Colorado mountain  "Pour la France"  by Romain Dumas  and Simon Pagenaud both in  Honda powered machines. 



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  2. Pau-Arnos, great track! Loads of fun, even in an underpowered Miata. :)

  3. Dumas is driving a modified Norma M20FC with Honda power in the Unlimited class this year.



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