June 3, 2013

Meet the Axis of Oversteer Ferrari 458 Challenge.

Yup, it's wicked.

The Axis of Oversteer / Capital Managers Ferrari 458 Challenge will make its debut this week end in Montreal, competing in the Ferrari Challenge support races, Saturday and Sunday.   At the helm around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will be our own Carlos Gomez, aka CG, making his second appearance at the Canadian track.

Wrapped in chrome and dayglo orange, I don't think anyone will have trouble spotting this 458 either from the stands or in their rear view mirrors.   Many times in single make series, liveries can be a tad dull,  we think we don't have that problem with this one!

If you are going to be at the track, cheer for the Axis car and please do send us pictures!

Below is Carlos last year in Montreal,  he had to start last on the grid and finished 5th overall.

Ferrari 458 Challenge Tech Specs

Type:90° V8
Bore and stroke:3.7 x 3.2 in
Total displacement:274.50 cubic/in
Compression Ratio:12.5:1
Maximum power:570 CV** at 9.000 rpm
Maximum torque:540 Nm at 6000 rpm
Overall Length:178.2 in
Overall Width:76.3 in
Height:45.8 in
Dry Weight:2689.6 lb*
Front Track:66.6 in
Rear Track:63.6 in
Fuel Tank Capacity:29.8 gal
Front:255/650 19″x9″
Rear:15 x 1.34 in
Montegi 18′ front and 19′ rear
Front:14.96 x 1.33
Rear:13.5 x 1.26 in
0-60 MPH:Under 3 sec
Top Speed:Over 202 mph


  1. That's rad! The 458 has never looked so good.

    Does CG plan on making it to the COTA race this year?

  2. Sorry if I missed it, but was there a particular reason for changing
    from Porsche to Ferrari? Better competition/opportunities? Better
    managed series? Cost?

  3. Just a guess, so CG can race Ferrari Challenge :)

  4. With the 991 GT3 cup coming online next season it was a good play for CG to sell before the market flooded...


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