June 27, 2013

Mark Webber Will Join Porsche's LMP1 Program

Kimi Raikkonen now most likely to replace him at Red Bull

As we had predicted back in April but was vehemently denied by expert sources, Mark Webber has made his exit from Formula one official announcing a three year contract with Porsche where he will join the new Le Mans prototype program.

Webber  raced F1 for 12 seasons, making his debut with Minardi and later racing for Jaguar and Williams before joining Red Bull.  In that time he's had  9 wins, 36 podiums and 11 pole positions.

It's not surprising the 36 year old  @aussiegrit  chose a more stable  future,  after turning down Ferrari, his future in F1 was, at best, a one year contract with Red Bull or the prospect of racing for a minor team for, presumably, minor pay.

Webber departure opens up arguably the the hottest seat in Formula One.   Kimi Raikkonen is seen as a frontrunner for it, he's been part of the Red Bull family and hugely popular with fans.   One wonders though if the media avert Finn will want to get into a situation that will certainly require many more media and sponsor appearances.

Also mentioned for the seat are the Toro Rosso pair of Jean Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo.  Both though don't quite seem ready to step into Webber's experienced shoes.    Nico Hulkenberg is also mentioned.   The smart money is on Red Bull moving mountains to secure Raikkonen's consistency, a crucial weapon in the Constructors Championship fight, will Kimi resist?


  1. You know how it goes, Formula 1 for a lot of drivers seems like just the beginning of a career, not the end.

  2. Marko will have a brain aneurysm the first time he talks shit about Kimi and he says absolutely nothing in reply. He won't know what to do with himself since he won't have anyone to publicly trash anymore.

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  4. For sure Kimi would tell Marko what he can do with himself if pushed. It would be a huge plus for RB to get Kimi though and would go a long way to making the team more likable with the public.

  5. Kimi may be "friends" with Vettel, but I don't see Kimi clashing with Vettel any less than Webber for position and wins. Red Bull may come to this conclusion and get a young driver they can control.


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