March 16, 2013

Sebring 12 Hour: The Night Before The Big Day

Photo: Andrés Bermudez

Qualifying was a trip, so many awesome drivers. I guess Porsche not supporting GT class and this being the final 12hr under the ALMS flag really made this the deepest GTC field ever. Two drivers, Bleekemolen and Edwards actually qualified with the same exact time down to the 1/1000th of a second.

Pace on the Axis car is actually better than the P10 starting position would suggest, Kuba was within a 10th of Sean Edward's time but Sebring is tricky and he ended up maybe overdriving on the lap when the tires were best. For the race though the pace is there.

Stints will be about 60-65 minutes of green laps. Tires last about one and a half stints so the plan is to change them when gassing up. Single stints for the drivers since it takes 25 secs for a driver change and about 35 for fuel and tires.

Start is Saturday at 10:45 AM ET. Race will stream live (for countries outside the US) on

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