March 5, 2013

Porsche's GT Boss Explains Why The 991 Is The Best GT3 Ever.

Andreas Preuninger, Porsche's GT car manager explains to EVO's Jethro Bovingdon why the new 911 GT3 is the best GT3 ever, despite all the bitching and moaning about PDK, electric steering and weight.


  1. Best Company marketing video ever!!
    What else do Porsche GT3 diehards need in terms of info, engineering explanation other than actually driving the car.
    I'm Sold!

  2. Seeing a top company manager who knows that much about the car is impressive, he really knows how to do his job.

  3. The Porsche 991 GT is a car that every individual dreams of. It is the seventh generation car of Porsche 911 and made its debut in Frankfurt motor show in 2011. The car provides excellent features and was titled as the World Performance Car 2012. Nice video indeed.

  4. While this video did answer nearly every question I had about the 991 GT3, it didn't prepare me for the onslaught of haters on message boards (I mean you, Rennlist) decrying the loss of the third pedal. To those guys who love complaining: this is progress. If you don't like it, complaining about it won't make Porsche build you a three-pedal GT3; a GT3 is not an M5. If you want a three-pedal GT3, you have two full generations from which to pick.

    Personally, I prefer three pedals on the street and two on the track. And since my cars see more street time than track time, I've only ordered three-pedal models. When I'm fortunate enough to go for a 991 GT3, I won't miss the third pedal.

    And seriously, doughnut mode?! These guys have a sense of humor!

    1. "And seriously, doughnut mode?! These guys have a sense of humor!"

      Someone needs to hand over his German citizenship.


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