February 5, 2013

Two beautiful Reds

There's a "spy" video out, you've probably seen it , of the next Ferrari super car the F150 or whatever it will be called,  puttering around Fiorano.  It sounds amazing but it looks just nasty in its camouflage, I think I rather wait a bit and see the real thing at the Geneva debut.

As amazing as that car may be I'm not sure it will be pretty, at least not in the sense Ferraris of the 1960s were pretty.   In these two clips by Simon Kidston, a 250 LM owned by the swiss Scuderia Filippinetti and a 250 GTO driven by Jean Guichet at the 1964 Targa Florio and the 500 KM of Spa get the Ferrari Classiche treatment and we get the treat of watching them move.

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