February 6, 2013

Nine K and ready to race

Mclaren's latest entry for the road legal class of the Track Day World Championship, the P1, is ready to race.  

Battle is set to begin at the International Motor Show in Geneva in early March,  a production P1 will be presented to the public to counter  Ferrari's latest hyper car, the yet to be officially named F150.    Pagani might have something up his and carbon fiber sculpted  sleeve as well, should be one of the more interesting shows in years.

Mclaren is giving a first tease of the P1's instrument display,  we learn the car has either  nine forward gears or a 9K redline and an F1 style shift light display.  Activating "Race mode" will also configure the rear spoiler for best downforce and presumably set shocks, transmission and engine parameters to their most aggressive settings.


  1. I guess it's a 9k red line... A "zero gea"r for neutral would be too weird (not to mention no reverse).

  2. The thing still doesn't look right. Weak design certainly for the exterior and probably interior as well. To me things at McLaren started to go downhill design wise as early as 95 or 96, way back when Nigel Mansell couldn't fit his eyebrows and mustache into his McLaren Grand Prix car. What an embarrassment. Senna had foresight. No wonder he wanted out.

  3. Would look a lot better without those door inserts.


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