February 26, 2013

Did Renault's PR Just Give Away Renault F1's Secrets?

While teams are poised for the 2013 Formula 1 season to start in Australia, engine manufacturers, Ferrari Mercedes and Renault are doing double duty with this year's V8 and developing the completely new, Turbo charged, double ERS 1.6 V6.

As you can imagine,  much secrecy is involved.  Sure, renderings have been shown,  vague pictures with obsolete parts maybe.  But yesterday on the Renault Corporate media site in a story about their engine facility in Viry-Ch√Ętillon,  some  rather detailed pictures appeared and Renault engineers are surely not too happy about it.  

Teams routinely hire photographers to specifically take high resolution photos of every little detail on rival's cars but engines are always bolted so it's easy to imagine folks in Maranello and in Brixworth are taking a long, hard look at these pictures.  Turbos, heads, headers, dyno graphs even some blueprints, could be gold for Mercedes and Ferrari.   Unless that is, Renault is being fiendishly clever... (more picture courtesy of Renault Press after the break)

I can't imagine a cooler job for young engineers

Renault's F1 engine shop in Viry, France

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