February 25, 2013

Father Of The Year!

Sun is low on the sub arctic forest as a Citroen C2 WRC car tears through tree lined snowbanks.  Snow rally testing is certainly nothing special in this part of the world, certainly nothing new for the driver of the Citroen, Kalle Rovanper√§.

Now, if you are wondering why your country does not have any credible young rally drivers, it's probably because your country might arrest Kalle's father for child endangerment. You see, Kalle is 11 years old.

He also happens to be the son of WRC driver Harri Rovanper√§ who's more than happy to set him off alone,  not to do some donuts in a parking lot, but dodging pine trees in a rear wheel drive Toyota Starlet. How amazing is that?

Father of the Year award for Harri!

You know that awesome video Chris Harris did, driving on a frozen lake track?  Kalle has been doing that since he was nine years old!
I'm guessing we might hear more from Kalle in the next few years, what do you think?

Mick Batsch, number 421 with the green helmet

On a related note,  Michael Schumacher's son, 12 year old Mick raced in his first big international kart race in Lonato del Garda, Italy.   Mick, who races with his mother's maiden name Batsch, was competing in the KF3 class along with Giuliano Alesi in a meet rich with Formula 1 last names like Max Verstappen and Bas Lammers.


  1. On Schumacher, he's competing at La Conca this weekend. WSK Euro series, in KZ (Shifter).

    1. that's Schumacher the dad, in KZ1, he'll be running against Max Verstappen

    2. Yeah I know, Verstappen is definitely the man on form. It's gonna be interesting how Schumacher stacks up to the his teammates, Dreezen and Ardigo. What I've heard he was a bit off the pace during the test at La Conca before the WSK master series at the beginning of this month.

  2. The latest is that he will only be doing the free practices on Thursday, time will tell..


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