January 6, 2013

Dakar, the hard way

Dakar is certainly about multi million dollar corporate showcases but perhaps the true spirit of the raids of old are with privateers like rider Lyndon Poskitt.

I posted a picture of Lyndon in the previous Dakar article, quite by chance... we like KTMs and orange here at Axis,  I did not know his story until I  received an email from Jack McCormack alerting me to Poskitt's quest.   For the 2013 Dakar, Poskitt is riding a blue KTM 450RR.

So as you follow the race for the next two weeks, why not keep an eye out for Lyndon's updates on his BLOG  or twitter  or FB and maybe see the Dakar from a point of view different from that of the big wigs up front.

Axis riders might like a peak at how a bike might be prepared for the Dakar.  

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