January 2, 2013

Dakar 2013 is ready to roll!

It may no be as crazy as the early Paris-Dakar but it's still an epic man vs machine vs nature battle through some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet.

We'll do what we can to find extra pictures and clips but you can follow the day to day, starting January 5th though the 20th on the official Dakar site and on twitter, #dakar2013.

Riders are ready, drivers are ready, photographers are ready, sponsors are ready, from major manufacturers to a French porn producers (true story!).   The only one not ready seems to be US television, even with its 1367 channels.

UPDATE:  As Jerry Smith points out in the comments,  2013 DAKAR updates will indeed be carried by the new NBC SP network,  I had missed it in the guide where it's listed under "Sports-non event"!
NBC SP HD is ch 481 on Time Warner Cable, mark it because that's where F1 will be this year.

Lucky for us TV is no longer needed,   Meet a few of the competitors in these great pre race videos.

After the jump, more clips, this year's porn star on  this dude Hugo Payen's bike ( number 69 of course) and an article from Red Bulletin about mapping the route for the 2013 Dakar you should have a look at.

always was a race for dreamers

The Racemakers1

The Racemakers2


  1. Top gear would be proud of the Dacia Duster...

  2. I remember watching updates of the Dakar Rally on Speedvision way back. They were on at 1am or something, it was totally worth staying up on school nights.

  3. Dakar will be broadcast in the US on the new NBC Sports channel (NBCSP), formerly Versus, starting Jan 5.

  4. Thank god we have Eurosport in the UK. They have brilliant commentary by Martin Haven and its broadcast in HD too. Bliss.

  5. I let you the link of the spanish public tv, they will do every night a summary of the dakar, this is the preview but just with the spanish racers: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/dakar-2013/programa-previo-rally-dakar-2013/1632129/ , it is in spanish. Saludos desde Madrid.


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