January 16, 2013

California Singer

In the market for (very)  expensive retro, some people like those wide-bodied japanese customs, I think I would much, much rather this...


  1. What a car. Someway I like what Rauh Welt does to their Porsches, but this one is just in a different league, new dream car of mine.

    1. it is gorgeous, I have a bit of a problem with a 300K to 500K price tag but I absolutely love these guys passion and how they talk about the cars they build.

    2. At the beginning of the video they say that they could probably start selling kits for bodywork and other stuff. Maybe replicating just the looks will be "affordable", even if it would mean owning an incomplete masterpiece...

    3. Yes but then you have to wonder, do you really need a roll bar finished in baby seal skin and a Porsche engine rebuilt by Cosworth? I'm sure Leno has one though.

  2. I wonder if Seinfeld has ordered his yet. His taste is somewhat perfect (356, 959) and somewhat kooky (seven identical boxsters in different colors I believe).

    He does have a penchant for seriously modifying his cars though ( http://www.9magazine.com/jerry-seinfeld-shares-his-porsche-passion-in-an-interview-with-welt-am-sonntag.html)


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