November 29, 2012

Full Circle

Haters and , shall we say, German humor translation fails aside, you have to admit Vettel's story is a great one so far, much like the other fellow in the picture.
He does not come from a wealthy family, he does not have a whole government behind him.    He does have his incredible car feel and, as his own manager, the savvy to make deals with the likes of Red Bull.  

And in Brazil it came full circle...


  1. at this rate we might see the Brazil Race Summary after New Years....


  2. I feel like Schumacher played a huge role while growing up, of how the F1 played and behaved. I was quite young, and it seemed to me that Schumacher was a bigger than life character. Now, after witnessing the Brazil race and 2012 Championship draw to a close, Vettel has played an important part of how i've come to look at the past few years of F1. I am not saying i like Vettel over anyone else, but he has done some incredible things, some that i expected from drivers like Alonso and Hamilton, but that were never put through. This season was good, last season was good, i'll continue to watch to see who is best, but none will take away the memories of the great ones before. Let's hope next year is a real trip and everyone is focused on their goals.

  3. Hey schumi,the other day you say:"i dint wanted to interfere in the fight for the championship" and now i think.... If Alonso had been behind you instead Vettel you would have taken away?Like you did with vettel? Baaah schumi you are a legendary driver,but a legendary moron too.

  4. What an awesome couple photos. And damn that shit feels good.


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