November 17, 2012

Meanwhile on the other side of the world...

The 59th Grand Prix Macau is taking place. While there has been fairly horrific news out of Macau in the last two days, any racing fan knows that it is also the place to spot future talent, over three quarter of the current F1 field, not to mention a who's who of international sport car racing have raced F3 on the streets of Macau.

Axis has an accredited correspondent on assignment in Macau and we look forward to his first hand reports in the coming days, stay tuned.

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  1. I was at the Macau race in person for the first time and saw some of the best racing. Races like the Macau GT CUP, CTM Macau Touring Car Cup and the WTCC races were great!

    And we shouldn't forget Louis Filipe de Sousa Carreira and Phillip Yau Wing-Choi who lost their lives on Thursday and on Friday. RIP.


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