October 10, 2012

Driving a Porsche 962 on the streets of Japan

That one would choose to use a Porsche 962 on the street is silly and more about showing off than driving because you know, racecar.   But to each their own and we'll concentrate of celebrating the insanity of all those who turn racers into something else. That and this clip, by Luke Huxham, looks fantastic.

(thanks Tall Baby. Via Motorhead Magazine)

Driving a Porsche 962 on the street


  1. Methinks that's a Schuppan 962cr with Rothmans bodywork, not an actual racer...

    1. That's actually what they say in the video. Carbon tub with '956 and 962 racing parts'...

    2. It says in the video that it's a Schuppan carbon tub. Actually a prototype carbon monocoque and the 2nd one completed.

      What it is is badass. I'll take one in white with no livery.

  2. I would love to see a video aimed more at an educated enthusiast. The subtitles mention a Motec ECU - there could be 10 minutes on just that alone. What do they do for gearing and suspension adjustments for the street? Any alterations to the interior? I would like to see/hear more stuff like that...

  3. Did he park in a handicapped spot @ the Family Mart?

  4. Going on the fuel filler cap I'd say Schuppan.
    /geek moment.


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