October 5, 2012

Racing in the Rain at Lime Rock

Trust me, driving on a track in the rain is fun, unless your window fogs up, but I digress, contrary to popular belief crashing is not mandatory!

Jim Perry of DrivesTV put together this clip from a Lime Rock Club race and comments:

"When you think of members only track clubs you imagine luxury automobiles and owners sipping Campari.
Not so, at Lime Rock's Drivers Club. Here, you'll find members who are here because they love cars and they love racing.

What would you expect, after all, from the track that gave us such greats as Sam Posey and Paul Newman and run by Skip Barber (who knows a thing or two about learning to race). So, when the forecast was for a torrential downpour, the members did what any self-respecting racer would do - they donned their helmets and went out to test their limits. See if it doesn't look like fun to you."

Yes, it does!

1 comment:

  1. Don't know if I would say its fun to race in the wet,just got to have faith in the people running around you and be real smoooooth.
    Track days on the other hand are fun in the wet,you don't have to push it so much and you have time to adjust to changing conditions. It also sorts out the smart ones from the sheep.

    But hey, you pays your dollars, so regardless of the weather you race.


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