October 19, 2012

No NJ GP but yes, you can bring your giant lens to Austin!

NJGP Pit complex construction in Weehacken. Photo by Freep

Many  are not surprised the NJ GP effort fell apart, at least for next year,  there had been management shakeup and though there has been work done on the pit complex in Weehacken,   you really have not heard that much about it here in NY since the announcement.  

Yes, Red Bull had their big PR stunt and yes Bernie will do whatever possible (short of losing money of course, you can't out-Tony Soprano Bernie!) to make what effectively be a NY Grand Prix happen but not in 2013 at least.    The stories about paving not being behind schedule are a smoke screen of course, surely it's money and politics.   NJ would inevitably make an investment if private investors cannot come up with the funds and there is a "Fiscal Conservative" running for re-election in 2013...

On a positive note,  Austin GP organizers have responded to public outcry and reversed their policy barring SLR cameras and lenses longer than 10 inches.    Great news for fans and nice sign organizers are listening to their concerns.   Our friend Jamey Price wrote a "How to" guide to taking better motorsport photos,  something Jamey is...quite adept at!


  1. I don't think COTA "went as far as getting our friend Jamey Price to write a "How to" guide to taking better motorsport photos" since the website you linked to, "The Austin Grand Prix", has no connection with COTA as stated in their "About" section.


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