September 23, 2012

The lamest move EVER in motor sport?

Brazil,  it's raining buckets at the Autodromo Santa Cruz do Sol during a local 250cc bike race  when rider Marlington Teixeira  takes a spill.    Nothing serious or unusual there, everyone's crawling and there's a ton of water, the rider is not hurt.  But when Teixeira, nicknamed Kalunga, realizes there's bent bit on the bike and he would not be able to just hop back on and continue, well...  he turns to that time tested football trick,  the dive!

Helloo, Mr Kalunga, you DO realize there is a new invention called "video" yes?  

Apparently, not. Teixeira decides the best thing to do is to run across the track and lay there, pretending to be injured, until the race is black flagged.    Competitors stop and throw down their bikes in the mud to help this asshole who later claimed to have fainted.    Teixeira was banned from the championship but amazingly not for life.


  1. What an asshole. wtf did he stand to gain even if it was flagged? He was already down, places lost...

  2. Maybe after he fell down, he thought he was in a soccer match?

  3. Hilarious! What a goon! After being on the ground for a full minute, soaked in rain and oil, he would say to himself 'What a tool I'm being. And no one is stopping.'

  4. I hope someone gave him a real reason to be lying on the ground after they found out. :)


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