September 11, 2012

On Board with Robert Kubica

Photo: Alessio Buttazzoni/Flickr

Pistonheads published this video today, you're sitting in the right seat of Robert Kubica's Team First Subaru WRC as he's charging up  the Italian Alps this past week end.  

Jalopnik today has a story about great motorsport comebacks, I think they missed this one.   Robert is driving like nothing ever happened.

At the same time I keep reading everywhere how Kubica is "coming back to F1 in 2014".  What Kubica actually said in Antonio Boselli's interview was:   "...certainly not before 2014"
He also acknowledged an F1 return will be extremely difficult and that he feels lucky to just be where he is today.

I don't think Kubica will ever give up yet I'm not sure anyone is doing him any favors piling on pressure and measuring success strictly on his return to F1.

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