September 8, 2012

Robert Kubica interviewed: "I will finally see corners, drifts and gasoline"

That's Robert Kubica during shakedown for this week end's Rally Gomitolo di Lana in Biella, Italy.

There were rumors of Robert's return to a competitive rally for next week end and his entry was kept off the official entry roster for this even until the very last minute.

Photo: Antonio Boselli

Sky Sport24 journalist Antonio Boselli recorded this exclusive and emotional interview. with the Polish driver.

I realize most Axis readers are not fluent in Italian so allow me to paraphrase its major points.

Robert is extremely emotional about his return to competition and says one of the main reasons for it is that, after being a driver for twenty years there are sensations, feelings and muscle memories he alone can understand and come to terms with and only from behind the wheel in a competitive situation.

He said that after spending the 20 months in hospitals, operating rooms and fisio centers, he very much looks forward to some turns, drifts and gas fumes.

Poignantly he also admits he is not and will probably never be the same man he was before his accident and that, while he will never rule out a return to Formula 1,  it is still a distant goal.  Certainly not before 2014.

He's very grateful for the support from fans but said he has been quiet about his condition because his nature is not to say anything he is not certain of and that "so much BS" has been said about him in the twenty months.

Go Robert!

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